About Us

Artur & Tailors Ltd. opened it's doors in 2009 and quickly built a reputation as one of New York City's finest and most creative bespoke tailoring shops. Our resume includes prominent film and theater costume designers, actors, dancers, and celebrities.

The Artur & Tailors shop is located in Manhattan's garment district. In this space, garments are built from start to finish by a team trained and overseen by master tailor Artur Allakhverdyan. Artur's 30+ years of diverse tailoring experience and prodigious talent for translating the shapes of the body to flat patterns enables him to achieve amazingly well-fit garments, even in the first fitting. In addition to tailoring for men and women, our team brings experience with fur and leather work, machine embroidery, corsetry, and a variety of handwork techniques.

The name Artur & Tailors Ltd. points to the high value placed on the group of professionals who comprise our team. Most of our tailors worked together for many years before Artur & Tailors opened, and we all share a strong commitment to the art. Come visit us in our beautiful shop in Manhattan to appreciate the care we give our clients, colleagues, and our work!

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